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Profile Page Lottery Number Explanation

The waiting list order is determined either by your lottery number or the date you joined the waiting list.  Under each municipality on your Profile, it will indicate how the waiting list priority is determined.

Lottery Number

If it says “waiting list determined by lottery number,” we will contact the household with the highest priority (lottery number closest to 1) that matches the income level, bedroom size, and lives in region if applicable.  The State of New Jersey requires the renting and selling of affordable homes include a step that randomizes the order in which households will be offered available units.   Random selection will be conducted at the start of a new project.   All preliminary applications that are received by the random selection deadline are included in a lottery. We utilize a computer program that randomizes the preliminary applications to assign lottery numbers.   These numbers are utilized to establish the priority of applicants.

Join Date

If it says “waiting listing priority is determined by interest date,” it is not necessary to have a lottery number and you will not be assigned a lottery number. It will say n/a under lottery number.  After the initial lottery period, the priority of preliminary applications is established by the date the application was received.  However, CGP&H reserves the right to invoke random selection at any time.

On Hold

Your waiting lists status has been changed to On Hold because you do not meet the income requirements. You have retained your position on the waiting list but you will not be contacted about available units until you update your profile information  and are determined to be eligible.  Your status will become ineligible if you do not update within a year.

How Long Will I Have to Wait

It is difficult to answer this question because it depends on your household size and income as well as what type of units become available.  We try to provide as much information as possible  on your Profile and when you click “Join or Leave Waiting Lists” so you can have an idea of how many units are available in total and our best estimate of waiting times.

Can I Get Priority on the Waiting List?

The affordable housing rules strictly limit our ability to consider special circumstances or hardships.  The following preferences are allowed:

  • Affordable housing rules require that we give priority to households that can utilize all bedrooms in a home as a bedroom. For example, a household of three would have preference over a household of one for a two-bedroom home.
  • Preference is also given for households that have a demonstrated need for the specific handicap accommodations when they are available in a specific unit.
  • Many municipalities have elected to give “Regional Preference” to households that live or work within the COAH region where the unit is location.  Your “Live and Work Regions” are shown on the map on your Profile.  Regional preference information for each municipality is shown when your click “Join or Leave Waiting Lists.”