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Affordable Homes New Jersey Profile Link

If you have already submitted your Preliminary Application, you can visit your Affordable Homes New Jersey Profile anytime to join waiting lists and view our listings.

Enter your first name, last name, and email address below to request a link to your Affordable Homes New Jersey Profile.

To ensure we match you to your profile, please provide the exact information you submitted on your preliminary application.

Request for Profile Link

Click here if you have not submitted a preliminary application and would like to start the process.

On your profile, you will be able to see exactly what information we have on file for you and confirm that you are on the waiting lists for different municipalities.  Below are some of the things you can do on your profile:

  • Update your income and other qualifying information;
  • Join waiting lists;
  • Review listings of homes for rent and sale that you may qualify for; and
  • Request to visit homes.