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Why haven’t I been contacted about a unit when the rental office tells me there are vacancies?

There may be a couple of reasons why you have not been contacted.

  1. Within many of the developments that CGP&H maintains waiting lists for affordable housing, there are also market rate rentals. If contacted, a rental office may indicate that there are units available to rent immediately. However, these are usually market rate units and not affordable units.
  2. When an affordable unit becomes available we contact the next household on the waiting list that may be eligible.  There may be applicants ahead of you on the waiting list.  
  3. You may not have been contacted because you do not qualify to rent the available affordable unit. For example, your income may be too high for a unit that is designated for low income households or you may not meet the minimum income requirements.  Make sure you keep your household and income information up-to-date.  You can submit updates from your Affordable Homes New Jersey Profile.  Click here for more information about how to submit updates.

If you are on the waiting list for an affordable rental, then you will be contacted by CGP&H when a unit becomes available that matches your household composition and wait list status.  Click here for more information about how long you will have to wait for something to become available.