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What happens if I purchase or rent an affordable home and I get married or my income changes in the future?

The New Jersey Affordable Housing regulations that govern these affordable housing units do not require a re-certification. You will be income certified before you can rent or purchase a home.  If your household members change or your income changes at a later date, you do not need to report it and you can remain in your affordable housing.    

In addition, please keep in mind the following:

  1. If you are renting a home, all changes to the lease must be approved by the landlord.  You cannot add a person to the lease without the landlord's approval.
  2. An applicant cannot change the household composition after the full application has been submitted or immediately after she/he has been income certified.  The household members on the new applicant's lease in the case of renting, or deed in the case of purchase, must match the household members listed on the income certification.  This is to prevent applicants from changing their household composition in order to qualify for an affordable unit.  
  3. If your income decreases, your rent (and other housing expenses) will not be decreased.  In order to move to a less expensive home, you will need to reapply, wait on the waiting list, and be income certified again.