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What documents will I be required to submit when I am invited to submit a full affordable housing application?

When you are invited to submit a full application, you will be required to submit several documents in addition to the full application. (This information is not required when you submit the preliminary application.)

The following documents must be submitted for anyone in the household 18 years old and over. (Not all items are applicable to every household.)

  • Personal photo identification: Driver’s License, passport, or State ID
  1. INCOME RELATED DOCUMENTS – provide all that apply
  • Employment Income: 4 most recent consecutive pay stubs for all employed household members
  • Social Security: Most recent award letter
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF): Voucher or other verification
  • Pension: Letter from pension fund
  • Child Support: Current statement from NJ child support website, court order or Notarized Letter regarding your child support status
  • Alimony: Current statement from NJ website or Notarized Letter regarding your alimony support status
  • Military Pay: Verification of military pay
  • Workers' Compensation: Statement showing benefits
  • Unemployment Benefits: Statement showing benefits
  • Self Employed or own business: Year to date Profit and loss statement (not required if submitting K-1 with taxes)
  1. BANK STATEMENTS & OTHER ACCOUNTS (include ALL joint Accounts) Please include ALL pages (even blank pages and advertisements).
  • Checking Account: All pages of statements for the last 6 consecutive months. 
  • Savings Account Statements including CD's: All pages of statements for the last 6 consecutive months
  • Other Account Statements: Most recent statement for other assets such as cash management accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, 401k’s, pension, stocks, bonds, and trusts
    • If there is a loan on your retirement account- notarized letter stating how much you plan to withdraw from your retirement account in the next 12 months. 
  • Federal Tax Return: All pages of 1040 Federal Tax Return for the past 3 consecutive years.
  • Sign the 2nd page of each Federal Tax Return (1040 form) to validate the copy.  You must sign the 2nd page of each of your federal tax returns even if they were filed electronically.
  • State Tax Return: All pages for the past 3 consecutive years.
    • Can upload a tax transcript for the 2 older years but need a complete federal and state income tax return with page 2 of their federal signed for the most recent year.
  • If did not file taxes because not required to file, provide notarized letter stating why not required to file taxes
  • Current mortgage statement
  • Investment property lease agreement (if applicable)
  • Current year tax assessment record
  • Real estate listing if this property is for sale
  • Contract with the realtor listing property if property is for sale
  • Foreclosure notice (LIS PENS, etc.) if the property is in foreclosure
  1. OTHER
  • Divorce Decree: All pages of divorce decree and settlement agreement
  • Full time student over 18: School schedule to document full time status
  • Section 8: Voucher (RENTAL ONLY)
  • Mortgage Pre-approval (OWNERSHIP ONLY) – You are not required to work with a specific lender but not all mortgage providers can provide mortgages for deed restricted affordable properties. This list of lenders is familiar with affordable housing in New Jersey. If you do not plan to secure a mortgage from a contact on this list, please notify CGP&H and inform your lender that you are purchasing an affordable deed restricted home and that the affordability controls survive foreclosure.  Applications to purchase an affordable home will not be reviewed until we receive the mortgage pre-approval.