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What are the reasons applicants can be removed from a waiting list ?

Applicants on the waiting list for Affordable Housing can be removed from the list for any of the following reasons:
  1. The applicant’s income exceeds the income guidelines;
  2. The applicant does not have the minimum income to purchase or rent any units in the portfolio;
  3. The applicant owns an asset that exceeds the Regional Asset limit; 
  4. The applicant requests to be removed. Click here for instructions on how applicants can remove themselves;
  5. The applicant submits fraudulent information during the income certification process;
  6. The applicant fails to submit the complete application on time (this includes failure to provide documentation needed to verify income and other required documents);
  7. The applicant fails to respond to an inquiry in a timely manner;
  8. The applicant does not cooperate or is abusive with staff, property managers, or the sellers of Affordable Units;
  9. The applicant does not meet the credit requirements or other tenant selection criteria required by the landlord;
  10. The applicant is unable to secure a mortgage;
  11. The applicant does not attend a budgeting/home buyer counseling class if such is required (e.g., for a waiver);
  12. The applicant does not respond to requests to purchase or rent a unit;
  13. The applicant does not submit an annual update; or
  14. The applicant has been approved to rent or purchase a unit in the Municipality.  
Applicants who are removed from the waiting list may reapply. If approved to rent or purchase a unit in the Municipality, they may reapply for other opportunities in the Municipality.