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Is there is a list of communities where the affordable housing is located?

CGP&H administers affordable housing in many communities in New Jersey.  All locations are listed on our web page under "Affordable Opportunities"  and are grouped in alphabetical order by name, county or by municipality.  

  1. Click "Rental" to see all rental opportunities.
  2. Click "Ownership" to see all purchase opportunities.
  3. Click "All" to see all rental and purchase opportunities.
  4. Click "Current Listings" to see locations where there is a short waiting list OR where we will be holding a random selection/lottery soon.

Some locations have a * next to them to indicate that the development is not directly administered by CGP&H.  These locations are listed to direct applicants to additional affordable housing opportunities in New Jersey.  The income limits and FAQ posted on Affordable Homes New Jersey may not apply to these locations.  Please visit for listings of other affordable housing opportunities throughout New Jersey.