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I am separated from my spouse but my divorce is not finalized. Can I purchase or rent an affordable home?

Separated applicants may purchase or rent an affordable home before their divorce is finalized but additional documentation will be required during the income certification process.  When an applicant is separated but not divorced, the following additional documentation will be required: 
  1. All separated applicants must provide a settlement agreement, divorce decree, or division of assets signed by both parties.  
  2. ​Separated applicants purchasing an affordable home must provide a NOTARIZED release form from the spouse.  This release form states that the spouse who is not applying for affordable housing is releasing any claim on the affordable home.  If the spouse refuses to sign the release, the applicant can request a judge to require the spouse to sign the form.  This release form must be retyped, completed, signed, and notarized when a separated applicant submits a full income certification application to purchase an affordable home.