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I am having trouble submitting my preliminary application. The email verification code is not working. How can I fix this?

It is important that we verify that you can receive emails from Affordable Homes New Jersey so you won't miss any important emails about affordable housing opportunities.  Follow these step-by-step instructions if you are having trouble entering the code.

1. Open your email first and leave it open.
2. Apply on-line at

  • DO NOT close the pre-application. If you close the form, the code will not work
  • DO NOT click anywhere else in the pre-application.
  • Go into your email and retrieve the email containing the 4-digit verification code.  
  • Copy the code from the email and insert it where indicated in your pre-application.
  • You will then be able to complete your pre-application.
If you are still having problems, some people like to open their email on a smart phone and then complete the pre-application on a computer.