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How to Upload Required Documents for Your Full Application on Your Phone

This article explains how to upload required documents from your smartphone. Please Note: You must first be invited to submit a full application.

  1. Navigate to Your Application:
    1. Open the application link on your phone's internet browser:
    2. Log in with the email and phone number you used to apply. Note: You may need to leave the internet browser to access your identification code via an email or text sent to your phone. Simply navigate back to the internet browser on your phone after you retrieve the code to enter.
  2. Determine the Required Documents to Upload:
    1. Scroll down to any red icons on your application and click the link next to them to open the upload window.
    2. Read the instructions at the top for an explanation of what documents will need to be uploaded to meet the requirements.
  3. Create a PDF of the Required Documents with Your Phone:
    1. When you have the physical documents ready, create a PDF of each document with your phone. Please follow the steps in the How to Scan Required Documents to Upload to Your Public House Application article. Note: If a document has more than one page, please upload as one PDF. This will help us review your application at a faster pace.
  4. Upload the Required Documents:
    1. Navigate back to your application on your phone's internet browser and click the white "Upload" button.
    2. Select the location you saved the PDF of you document. This will vary by phone type and model.
    3. Select the file and upload. Note: The document may take a few minutes to upload depending on the file size and your mobile/internet connection. Please wait for the spinning house icon to disappear before continuing. 
    4. If you have additional documents to upload to meet the requirements, click the "Upload Additional Files" button and repeat the steps above. If not, click the "I have completed my uploads and met requirements" button.
  5. Repeat for All Red Icons on Your Application.