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How is the waiting list order determined?

The waiting list order is determined either by your lottery number or the date you joined the waiting list.  Under each municipality on your Profile, it will indicate how the waiting list priority is determined.

Lottery Number

If it says “waiting list determined by lottery number,” we will contact the household with the highest priority (lottery number closest to 1) that matches the income level, bedroom size, and lives in region if applicable.  The State of New Jersey requires the renting and selling of affordable homes include a step that randomizes the order in which households will be offered available units.   Random selection will be conducted at the start of a new project.   All preliminary applications that are received by the random selection deadline are included in a lottery. We utilize a computer program that randomizes the preliminary applications to assign lottery numbers.   These numbers are utilized to establish the priority of applicants.

Join Date

If it says “waiting listing priority is determined by interest date,” it is not necessary to have a lottery number and you will not be assigned a lottery number. It will say n/a under lottery number.  After the initial lottery period, the priority of preliminary applications is established by the date the application was received.  However, CGP&H reserves the right to invoke random selection at any time.