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How do I get on the waiting list? What is the procedure?

The waiting list for all affordable units on this website is administered through the Affordable Homes New Jersey Profile.  Please submit a preliminary application to create your own personalized Affordable Homes New Jersey Profile.  On your Affordable Homes New Jersey Profile you can easily update your personal information and track your waiting list status. Check out all the things you can do from this site:

  1. Keep Your Personal Information Updated – Please keep your contact information, income, household size and other qualifying information current so we can match you to available units. We will ask you to update your information at least annually to keep your Profile active.

  2. Join Waiting Lists – Review the municipalities in our portfolio and make sure you JOIN all the waiting lists where you might like to live. If you do not see a municipality listed, it means that we do not manage the waiting list and you should call the municipality directly. After you join the waiting list, please review your Rental and Ownership Waiting Lists.

  3. Review Listings of Homes for Sale & Rent – When we get to your name on the waiting list, we will show you available homes for sale or rent.  You will be sent emails to notify you that new listings are available to view. If a deadline is listed, that means there is a waiting list and you must respond by that date or we will move to the next person on the waiting list.

  4. Interest Form to Visit a Home – When you see a listing you like, you can complete an Interest Form to visit the home and you will be directed to a new form with additional questions so we can determine your preliminary eligibility. We will review the results and email you the next steps. You will be given contact information to view the home after your preliminary eligibility is determined.

  5. Submit a Full Application – If you decide to rent or purchase a unit, we will send you a link to complete a full application on-line and a list of required supporting documents.