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Do I need an attorney when I buy or sell an affordable home? Can you recommend an attorney?

Most buyers and sellers utilize their own attorney to assist them in this important real estate transaction.  Below are the names of attorneys that are familiar with affordable housing closings*.

* Please note:  CGP&H maintains this list of attorneys only as a convenience for buyers and sellers of affordable housing.  CGP&H does not make any representation or give any warranty regarding their qualifications, competence or suitability. CGP&H does not recommend any particular attorney on the list and the attorneys on the list are not ranked in any particular order.  CGP&H receives no compensation from the attorneys on the list.  Buyers and sellers are free to select any attorney to represent them, whether or not on the list.

If you do not utilize an attorney on the list please notify your attorney that:

  1. You are purchasing a deed restricted affordable housing unit.  N.J.A. C. 5:80-26.1 et seq. are the Uniform Housing Affordability Controls (“UHAC”) which govern affordable units in NJ.

  2.  CGP&H will prepare the deed and affordable housing closing documents required for the closing. Please keep CGP&H updated about when the closing date may occur so we have enough time to prepare the required documents and answer any questions the title company and mortgage company may have.