Hoboken Affordable Rentals

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The City of Hoboken maintains ONE affordable housing waiting list for future affordable rental units regulated by the City.  This list will be used to lease units at:

  • 600 Harrison Street (5 units – occupied)
  • 1410 Grand Street (4 units)
  • 721 Clinton Street (6 units)
  • 7th Street and Jackson Street (42 units), and 
  • Other future units

PLEASE NOTE: This waiting list is only for rental units regulated by the City.  There may be other affordable housing opportunities and you must apply separately for those.  Additional information about Hoboken Affordable rentals including bedroom sizes, income limits, rents and preferences will be posted here when available.

Applicants who submitted their preliminary application by May  8, 2017 were included in the first random drawing.  Applicants may visit their Affordable Homes New Jersey profile to view their lottery number.  If you have already applied, you can request your Affordable Homes New Jersey profile link here.  Preliminary Applications are still being accepted.

Maximum Income Limits Per Household:

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Maximum Income Limits

Number of Persons in Household

Very Low




























How to Apply:

Click here to complete the Preliminary Application on-line.  Completing the Preliminary Applications on-line is fast and simple.  If you have already submitted a preliminary application, use your personalized Profile Link to visit your profile to join waiting lists and Request to Visit properties.


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