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Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in this property. Please complete the following form so we can determine whether you qualify for this home. Make sure to consider all household members who will be living in the home when filling out the form.

Tip: If filling out from a smartphone, rotate your phone into landscape mode for a better view.

It is very important that you REVIEW and UPDATE all information in this form. The information you submit will impact your eligibility for affordable housing.

1. Primary Applicant

Please Note: This interest form is for the applicant below. If friends or family are interested in applying, please submit a pre-application from our website:

2. Contact Information

Please use the following format: ###-###-####.

If a box appears, you will be required to verify your email; this ensures we can email you when a unit becomes available.  If applying from your phone, your screen may appear white and you will need to scroll up to view the box.

Please Note: The email with your code may take 10-20 minutes to show up in your inbox. Please leave the verification window open on this screen until you receive the email with the code. If you close the verification screen you will reset your code and will have to wait for a new email. Thank you for your patience while we fix this issue.

Please Note: @Optimum and @Optonline emails are no longer supported by our system.  If you would like to create an alternate email, click here for instructions.   

3. Current Mailing Address

4. Regional Preference

Many municipalities provide regional preference to households who live or work within the region.  Under regional preference, in region households will be contacted before households who live or work outside of the region.

In order to qualify for regional preference, you must provide proof at the time of full application that you live in the region and/or that your job requires you to work in the region.

PLEASE READ IF YOU COLLECT INCOME FROM UBER/LYFT OR OTHER RIDESHARE SERVICES: Applicants that collect income from rideshare services such as Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc. can only claim regional preference for that employment if they are able to show proof that they are contracted to only perform this service in a certain area.

5. Household Details

Please include all household members that will live in the affordable home more than 50% of the time.  Please also include college students using this address as their primary residence.

Please include the gross BEFORE tax income of all household members as a whole number, we cannot accept a range.  Please calculate using current pay stubs and documents.  Do not use taxes from last year or other estimates of your household members' income.  Income includes:
  • gross wages (salaries, tips, commissions, overtime)
  • alimony, child support (informal and court ordered)
  • social security, pensions, investments and dividends from assets
  • unemployment, disability benefits
  • TANF
Certification of Income Accuracy
If you are invited to submit a full application for this property, you must provide documentation of all income.  If you misrepresent your information, you will be removed from the waiting list.

The affordable housing rules do not require a minimum credit score.  However, to rent a home landlords often require a minimum credit score of at least 600.  Additionally, to purchase a home you will need to qualify for a mortgage.  Banks often require a minimum credit score of at least 600 to qualify for a mortgage.
If you have not recently reviewed a copy of your credit report, now would be an excellent time to make sure there are no errors or issues that need to be resolved in order to pass a landlord’s credit check or to obtain a mortgage. For a free copy of your credit report, visit You only need to run one of the three report options.

Age Restricted properties are in communities where one household member must be at least 55 years old.

We are asking this because there are minimum age requirements in some Age Restricted communities.

Only check "Yes" if you are separated or your divorce is not finalized.  
In order to calculate your income and determine your eligibility at the time of your full application, you will need to provide a settlement agreement, divorce decree, or a division of assets signed by both parties.

6. Current Housing

In order to remain under consideration for this home, your current home must be listed for sale by the time you are sent a full application.

7. Rental

- CGP&H maintains waiting lists for affordable rental apartments and homes.  Are you interested in being on the waiting list to rent an affordable apartment or home?
If you select "No" you will be removed from any rental waiting lists you have previously applied for.

Proof of voucher will be required as part of your full application.

8. Ownership

- CGP&H maintains waiting lists for affordable ownership homes.  Are you interested in being on the waiting list to purchase an affordable home?
If you select "No" you will be removed from any ownership waiting lists you have previously applied for.
In order to purchase an affordable home you must be able to pay closing costs which average between $4,000-$6,000.  Most banks will also require a down payment of at least 5% of the home's purchase price.  These costs cannot be financed.

Your down payment is less than the 5% minimum recommended for this home.
Your down payment cannot be a grant or a loan, but may be a gift from a family member.  You will be required to submit proof of these funds if you are invited to submit a full application.
These funds will not count as part of your 5% minimum recommended down payment, but they may make you eligible to purchase a more expensive home.

9. Review Your Answers for Accuracy


You must review your answers for mistakes before submitting.  The answers you submit right now will determine your potential eligibility for affordable housing opportunities.  If you are notified that you are ineligible for any reason after submitting, you will not be able to change your answers to any of the questions.  CGP&H processes hundreds of submissions for affordable housing each day.  This policy is essential to match applicants to available opportunities in a timely manner.

In order to submit this application, you must certify that you double checked the answers you have entered on this application for accuracy.
Certifications of Information Accuracy
Click the "Previous Page" button below if you need to correct any of your answers.


11. Applicant Certifications

Please double check that you have reviewed and updated all of the information in this form. The information you provided will also update your Affordable Homes New Jersey Profile. As a result, the updated information will impact your eligibility for affordable housing.
Applicant Certifications
If you are determined to be ineligible for this opportunity, you may not resubmit or change any of your responses on this form including your household size or income.  You may update your Affordable Homes New Jersey profile information, but you will not be considered for this affordable housing opportunity.
By submitting this form, I certify that the information provided herein is true and complete and that any misrepresentation of income or household size reported herein shall be cause for program disqualification.  I also understand that this information is to be used only for determining my preliminary eligibility for referral to an affordable housing unit and does not obligate me in any way.