Evesham Affordable Rentals

 Housing Type:

Rentals in Evesham, Burlington County.


CGP&H will be maintaining one affordable housing rental waiting list for future affordable rentals in Evesham.  This list will be used to lease future affordable units in the Township.  Additional information about the location of the units, how many units, and projected occupancy date will be posted on here when available.

The first lottery date has not been scheduled. Please note: This waiting list is only for rental units administered by CGP&H.  

Applicants who apply now will be included in the first random drawing.  You may submit a Preliminary Application to be added to the waiting list.  Make sure you visit your personal Profile page and join the Evesham rental waiting list.

Maximum Income Limits Per Household:

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2018 Maximum Income Limits

Number of Persons in Household

Very Low




























How to Apply:

Click here to complete the Preliminary Application on-line.  Completing the Preliminary Applications on-line is fast and simple.  If you have already submitted a preliminary application, use your personalized Profile Link to visit your profile to join waiting lists and Request to Visit properties.

Homes for Sale

Please visit Current Listings to see if there are homes for sale in this community.


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